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You Weren't There When You Were There (YWTWYWT) (2023)

-That world is cold,

unattainable, and blinding.

Among millions of possibilities,

to which reality do you belong?

Where are you?


The series “You Weren’t There When You Were There” delves into the sensation of detachment from reality that occurs during a psychotic situation.  Through these images, captured within a single location on an island, the artist portrays the intricate and hazy state brought about by the thoughts of an individual experiencing psychosis.  The aim is to depict how a person who has lost themselves in their mind interacts with their surroundings.


Drawing from personal experiences, these photographs create a canvas for viewers to engage their imagination and delve into a narrative. This series comprises nine distinct works: Empty Mind, Blank, Void, Dream Land, Feeding Time, Heaviness, Breathe Stop, Frozen World, and Lost.


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