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There (2022)

According to Maurice Merleau-Ponty, it is only possible to develop our inner world, our senses and our perception by experiencing our environment. Walking in order to feel the state of wholeness is a tool to which we can submit ourselves without thinking. Embodying the spirit of the outside world in our inner world while walking strengthens our existence and our experience of life.


With the photography series There, the artist aims to establish a relationship between her body and the camera in her hand, the presence of the audience in the exhibition hall and their visual perception. By positioning the viewer as their lens, she offers the audience a meditative and ritualistic environmental experience so that they can feel “there” with the specific moments they witness while walking. Photos taken in different locations show untouched and eternal objects, inviting the viewer of the series to a period of serenity.

Exhibited in Mamut Art Project in Bomontiada, Istanbul, Turkey



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