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The Distance Between Us, 4’27’’, 4k video, 2023


While our life experiences open up new spaces for us, they can also turn into subconscious fears. The codes transferred to the subconscious affect our relationship with ourselves and others. These distances and approaches create the individual boundaries of human beings. Sometimes we stop for a while, we go back and forth, we push and pull each other, and then we get out of our comfort zone and imagine beyond.


Understanding our boundaries, discovering how much people can contact us, and being able to say no, allows the individual to approach the dark side with awareness and identity. This self-construction takes place in the space of our borders - the threshold space, the place that frees us and leaves us in limbo. Within the topography of known and unknown borders, we feel a subjective feeling of continuity and sameness. This personal feeling is never spoken; it is thought by the individual but can be invisible.


Could it be that through these concepts, our bilateral relationships are defined on different scales, that individual identity is consciously sensed on all sides? Or is it the act of drifting between the fragmented state of limits and getting lost in our emotions?


The Distance Between Us digital artwork invites the viewer to a hypnotic and cinematic journey by exploring the groping self, and concepts such as transition, inclusion, intersection, sensations, and traces.

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