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Faces,  short documentary, 8’ / 2022


When a person begins to lose her memory, does her presence in this world gradually disappear? Where will her memories,

emotions, and feelings go? Or can this state of forgetfulness be

curative for some situations? Looking for answers to these

questions, the FACES short documentary examines the interaction of memory, time, and space in a visual context based on the experiences of the director’s grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 15 years ago. It questions the form of personal memory of whom body trying to survive physically and the images surviving in its consciousness.

2023, Antakya Film Festival, Finalist in National Short Documentary

2023, 30. International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, Finalist International Short Film Cat.

2023, Ayvalık International Film Festival, Short Film Category

2023, Documentarist 15th Istanbul Documentary Days, Short Film Category

2023, Ucan Supurge International Women Film Festival, Finalist in Documentary Cat.

2023, TAYF International Short Film Festival, Finalist in Documentary Category

2023, IKSV Film Festival, Finalist in Short Film Category

2023, International Women Filmmakers Film Festival, Finalist in International Doc. Category

2022, Bornova Short Film Days, Official Selection

2022, International Izmir Short Film Festival, Official Selection

2022, Kısa’dan Hisse Film Festival, Finalist in National Documentary Category

2022, Luma Short Film Festival, Honorable Mention Award

2022, Directed by Women Turkey,  Finalist in National Documentary Category

2022, 33. Ankara Film Festival,  Finalist Documentary Category

2022, Base Istanbul Exhibition Screening, Akaretler Istanbul

2022, Fotofilm 3rd International Film Festival, Best Short First Documentary Award

2022, Gemlik Film Festival Short Film Competition, Best Short Film Award


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