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Betweenness / Aradalık (June-July 2020)

Through the psychological and economical effects of a coronavirus-induced pandemic on our daily lives, the “Betweenness" was created within the cope of the "Photography in the Time of Corona, " an online atelier during the pandemic process with the instructor Yücel Tunca from Bergama. The artist, while trying to adapt her life to the new normal, everybody's private and public places had to change. In order to protect from the Covid-19 virus, this placelessness affected our psychology and mental health, inevitably. These photo series comprise the idea of exaggerated behaviors due to examining the visual reflections of our limited lives, "inside" and "outside". During the atelier process, changing the cities from Istanbul to Aydın which is my hometown caused confusion throughout my experiences. In between two distinct cities, these photographs expose my contradictions in belonging.

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