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Around the Corner - You’ll Find Yourself (2023)

“Kanımın donmaması için adımlarımı sıklaştırıyorum

Üstüme vazife olması için adımlarımı sıklaştırıyorum

O kadar hızlı atıyorum ki

Kaybolurken içlerinde kül olmuş bir kuğu gibi

Adımlarıma olan direncimin azaldığını görüyorum

Adımlarımın kesildiğini

Yerden kesildiğimi

Bir baş kaldığımı boşlukta

Fark ediyorum

Her yerinden kopsan da

Başın seninle yürüyor” …


© Ece Eldek, Anlık Telaşın Anatomisi, Mana 

The series comprised of 10 photographs, delves into the individual and societal situations observed by the artist following their experiences in Istanbul. She reflects on how recent political, economic, and social events have eroded the connection between individuals and the city. The artist believes that the admiration once felt for the city, born from the layers of intertwined lives, has been replaced by a sense of abandonment and displacement. Within the geographical context, the artist aims to spotlight various aspects, including neglected and marginalized individuals, efforts to mend what is makeshift, and the tensions between public and private spaces.


With a focus on both collective and individual memory, the artist utilizes psychogeography as a method to narrate their story of witnessing the city’s increasingly challenging living conditions through encounters with objects on the streets. In doing so, they tell the tale of their evolving relationship with the urban environment.

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